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I grew my Instagram from 300 to 3000 – here’s how

by Heather Cowper October 3, 2015
Heathercowper Instagram

It feels like you can’t open a Sunday magazine these days without reading about some Instagram superstar who is paid by brands to promote to their audience. Instagram is serious business in the world of Social Media and that’s one of the reasons I decided to focus more of my time and energy on building up my account.

02 How to create a successful WordPress site – podcast and ebook review with Matt Preston

by Heather Cowper May 30, 2011

I recorded this podcast with Matt Preston about How to create a successful website with WordPress when we were at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Manchester. Matt has written an e-book on this topic into which he’s poured his years of experience on developing successful WordPress sites, such as his travel blog at The book which is available both in paperback or PDF will give you opinions from an expert to help you set up WordPress successfully as […]

How to make the most of a Travel Blog event

by Heather Cowper April 10, 2011
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Having just returned from a fun weekend in Manchester at Travel blogger’s Unite, I’ve been reflecting on how you can get the most out of this type of blogging event. After all, although you’re there to have fun with other bloggers, you will be spending time and money to attend the event, so you want to get maximum benefit. Here are some things for you to consider;

What makes people follow you on Twitter?

by Heather Cowper January 22, 2011
Why should anyone follow you on Twitter?

If you’re using Twitter as part of your strategy for blog world domination, you may be interested in what makes people want to follow you on Twitter. Here are my thoughts on what I personally look for and why. This article was first published at I don’t have a huge following on Twitter. I’m only just starting to devote some energy to building up a following, as most of my time is spent producing articles and videos for my […]

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