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How to use Flickr to enhance your blog

by Heather Cowper October 30, 2010
12 ways that Flickr can enhance your blog

In this article I share with you the benefits of using Flickr,  an on-line photo hosting site that I have been using for some time as a way to enhance and support my blog. The article was originally published at You can use Flickr on it’s own, of course, and this is how I started using it when I went to Ecuador for three weeks in October 2007. I didn’t have a blog at that time, and so I used […]

Why use images on your blog?

by Heather Cowper October 13, 2010
Why use images on your blog?

In this article I’m starting a series that I’ll develop over the coming weeks about how to use images most effectively on your blog. Here are my thoughts on why you should use images at all and the kind of photos you might want to take to illustrate your travel blog articles. If you’re stuck without any photos of your own to use I’ll give you ideas on how to easily find suitable photos to use that are free and […]

How I set up a Feedburner feed for my WordPress blog

by Heather Cowper October 7, 2010

This post will tell you how I set up my feed for the WordPress Studiopress Lifestyle Theme that I use at so that visitors to my blog can easily subscribe to receive updates via an RSS feed or by e-mail. I’ll tell you how I activated my e-mail feed within Feedburner and ensured that it was working correctly. I’ll tell you how I did some customisation on the Enews and Updates section at the top of my sidebar and […]

How to keep readers on your blog and not bouncing away

by Heather Cowper September 21, 2010
How to keep readers on your blog and not bouncing away

If you’ve been wondering how to make sure that your readers stay reading your words of wisdom rather than bouncing away after a brief glance, here are some ideas from an article that I originally published at Heatheronhertravels here. Minimise your Bounce When I started, I just wanted to make some record of my travels and share them with whoever was interested. If this is where you are, then I’m sure you’ll want your readers to explore the best of […]

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