Review of 25 Travel Blogging secrets by Vago Damitio

by Heather Cowper on June 13, 2011

This short report, 25 Travel blogging secrets, by Vago Damitio of Vagabonding gives 25 tips on how Vago has made money from travel blogging. Don’t expect the report to give you lots of pretty pictures, endless testimonials & stories of how the secrets in this report have made the author rich.

25 blogging secrets ebook cover

As Vago says at the start, this is a bare bones report which is only 5 pages long, but personally I’m happy to get the facts without the window-dressing (although I’m not adverse to a pretty picture or two).

The tips are divided into a number of sections;

General tips

In this section Vago covers some ways to make your blog stand out from the crowd and I like his to the point style – basically don’t waste money in order to make yourself money yet try to make your blog look professional without spending a fortune. There are tips on how you can find great photos to illustrate your articles that won’t cost you penny and why you need to make it ultra easy for your readers to contact you or start a conversation.

Making Money tips

In this section Vago gives some meaty moneymaking tips. You’ll find out how to convert spam e-mails into advertisers, and what Vago charges for sponsored reviews and banners , with the key message – don’t undervalue yourself. If you don’t yet have advertisers queuing up at your door, here are some ideas on how to find advertisers and persuade them to consider your blog. Did you know that there are smart and not so smart ways to add affiliate links to your blog? You’ll also discover the affiliate companies that the author uses to make most money.

Content & Blog Creation

In this section Vago gives ideas on how you can make your content more compelling, with catchy titles and good ideas you have noticed on other blogs that you can reuse on your own. There are also plenty of ways that you can get quality content for your blog without necessarily having to write every word yourself, if you are focussing more on the business of your blog than the writing. Just be sure to keep your content focussed and provide your readers with great value that will keep them coming back for more.

25 Travel blog secrets ebook


In this section Vago offers tips on how to promote your blog and where you can hire people to help you with this, where to go to find other bloggers for networking, help and advice and how persistence will pay off in the end.

My Verdict

Many of the secrets in this report are things that you would pick up by following internet marketing websites or talking to other bloggers, but of course this would take time and you may prefer to buy a report like this as a short cut.

I think that Vago might have put a bit more effort into the visual presentation of the information in the report but as he says at the beginning, he’s presenting you with a bare bones report and he’s not trying to write an e-book.

As I have been blogging for a few years now, I was already aware of many of Vago’s tips although there might well be some eye openers for those who are newer to blogging. However, I found it really useful that Vago revealed some specific information, such as his top affiliate links and other websites that would be invaluable to more experienced bloggers.

All in all, at $7.99  for the PDF format and $9.21 or £5.61 for the Kindle format I believe the report is worth the money, especially for bloggers just starting out.

Buy the PDF report 25 Travel Blogging Secrets by Vago Damitio for $7.99
Buy the Kindle report 25 Travel Blogging Secrets by Vago Damitio from Amazon for £5.61

If you choose to buy the Kindle ebook from the Amazon link above, I will earn a small commission that will help support this blog, although as always I try to provide honest reviews of products that will be of interest and value to my readers.

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