SEO for travel bloggers – the Hamlet skit from TBEX Copenhagen – Video

by Heather Cowper on November 14, 2010

You’re going to love this video that brings to life in Shakespearean drama some of the things to consider in SEO for your travel blog. I recently attended the Travel Blog Exchange or TBEX Conference in Copenhagen, held in the most amazing venue at Wallman’s Cirkus that comes alive in the evening with a dinner and show of acrobats, musical numbers and vaudeville.

In the spirit of this dramatic venue and to kick off the 2 day conference, TBEX founder Kim Mance of Galavanting TV wrote and performed the sketch together with some of her blogging friends, Paul Brady from Condé Nast Traveler, Robert Reid from Lonely Planet and Johnny Jet  from to give us the essentials of SEO. In this Shakespearean drama with a twist, Hamlet (Paul) is the serious travel writer crafting long narative pieces while Rosencrantz (Robert) is treating blogging as a serious business and going all out with his top 10 lists (boo, hiss) to get maximum traffic. He’s even thinking of using some dirty undercover techniques until Google (Johnny Jet) knocks that idea on the head, saying ‘I’m done with the Black Hat’. Poor Orphelia (Kim) is the enthusiastic travel blogger who just wants to travel and share her experiences but ends up totally confused as to which approach is best.

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I love the way this little skit illustrates the tension between bloggers who want to craft quality content for their readers but end up labouring away for little or no financial reward or even traffic, and those who just see their blogs as a moneymaking machine. Of course there can be a middle way where we try to produce the best content we can, which ultimately will be rewarded by a solid readership and flow of traffic, while being mindful of the SEO techniques that will also get us noticed in the search engines.

Just remember though that the sun rises and sets with the all seeing eye of Google (or so they want you to think) and that you try those black hat SEO techniques at your peril!

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