How to set up the Featured Content Gallery in WordPress

by Heather Cowper on December 27, 2010

Wordpress logoThis article will tell you how to set  up the Featured Content Gallery using StudioPress (formerly Revolution) Lifestyle as your WordPress theme. The article was written when I was setting up my theme at and was originally published there under How to set up the Featured Content Gallery in WordPress Revolution Lifestyle.

I don’t claim to be any expert, so if these instructions don’t work for you, then you can seek help on the Featured Content Gallery Forum or Studiopress Support Forum where people more expert than me can answer your questions. This article may also be useful if you are using other WordPress  Themes that use the Featured Content Gallery.


The Featured Content Gallery is the section of the homepage below the header with several changing photos relating to posts you’ve written, and you can see my Featured Content Gallery working at You need to select which of your posts to feature in this way. I generally feature about 4 posts, normally my most recent ones, but you need to feature at least 2 posts for the featured content gallery to work.

The Featured Content Gallery is based on a WordPress plugin which you need to download. There is also a site for the Featured Content plugin with a forum where you should be able to find any help you need. The Studiopress Lifestyle theme comes already set up with the Featured Content Gallery but you can also add it to other WordPress themes. There are instructions on the Featured Content Gallery site although I will also give instructions below;

Download the Featured Content Gallery plug-in

Go to the Install and set-up page on the Featured Gallery website here and click where it says Download the newest version of the Featured Content Gallery plugin. This will take you to the appropriate page on the WordPress Plugin directory.

Save the featured-content-gallery-zip file to an area of your own computer where you will easily find it again. Then unzip the file to make it a normal folder. On my computer I do this by right clicking and Extract All.

Log on to your server and upload the content-gallery folder to the Public_html/wp-content/plugins/ folder. Do not change any file or file name. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, browse through the folders on the left side of the screen to find the content-gallery folder then browse through the folders in the right hand side of the screen to find the Public_html/wp-content/plugins/ folder. When the plugins folder is open right-click on the content-gallery folder and press Upload. Once the upload has finished, the content-gallery folder should now show within the plug-ins folder on the right hand side.

Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click Plugins at the top right. You should find the Featured Content Gallery Plugin showing in the Inactive list at the bottom of the page. Activate the plugin by checking the box beside it and pressing Activate.

Setting up the Featured Content Gallery in the WordPress admin area

In the WordPress Dashboard click Settings at top right, then Featured Content Gallery from the sub menu. You will now be able to set the settings as you wish- the suggested settings for the Studiopress Lifestyle theme are;
Gallery Width in pixels: 588
Gallery Height in Pixels: 400
Category Name: Featured
Number of items to Display: 3 (In fact I changed this to 5)

The number of items to display is the maximum that will be displayed, but the number is also determined by how many posts you decide to feature. For example you may have it set to 5 as a maximum but only decide to feature 4. However, you must set up at least 2 posts to be featured, or the plug-in will not work.

You can play around with these settings, but if you are just starting with Revolution Lifestyle, I’d recommend you go with the suggested settings and get the Featured Content area working correctly, then come back to customise later.

In the WordPress dashboard, go to Manage/Categories. From your list of categories click on the one named Uncategorised. Edit the Category name to Featured and save by clicking the Edit Category Button. Note that it is important that you change the uncategorised category to featured – it will not work if you just set up a new featured category.

Writing a post to feature in the Featured Content Gallery

Write a post as normal and save as draft. When you are ready to publish, you need to do the following to ensure the post will also appear in the Featured Content Gallery.

When setting up the categories for the post, ensure you check the featured category. If you later want to remove the post from appearing in the Featured Content Gallery, then uncheck the box against the featured category. Then press Save.

To set up the photo that will appear in the Featured Content Gallery you need to find a photo which you have re-sized to close to the sizes you have set up in the Featured Content Plugin settings. If you have followed the suggested settings above, this will be 588 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. As long as the photo is close to this in size, the gallery will crop around it, but if it is double the size it will not look right. If you use Flickr, I find that I can download the medium size which is 500 x 375 pixels and it works fine.

Download your chosen photo of the correct size onto your computer. Upload the photo into the WordPress Gallery for your post. To do this you click on the Add Media/ Add an image button immediately above your post when in the Write post function of the WP dashboard. Using the Browse Uploader, Browse to find your chosen photo, then press Upload to upload the photo into the WordPress Gallery. Once it has uploaded you will see a link in the Link URL box which looks something like this;

Copy the Link URL from your chosen photo as described above and on the Write Post page of your chosen post, scroll down to find the Custom Fields near the bottom of the page. In the Value box paste the Link URL for the photo and in the Key box type articleimg. Next time you do this step for any post, the articleimg will appear in the drop-down in the Custom Fields section. Press the Add Custom Field Button , the Update Button and then Save your post as normal.

Now publish your post. You need to repeat the step and ensure that a second post is marked with the featured category and a photo added to the Custom Field section, as the Featured Content Gallery does not work correctly with only one Featured Post.

Then continue to make other posts featured as you write them, up to the maximum number you have specified in the Plugin settings. As you write more and feature them, you will have to uncheck the feature category on older posts, so that you are featuring your most recent posts.

You should also consider what to write as the first line of any post you plan to feature as this is what will appear below the photo in the Featured Content Gallery. I always try to write something that summarises what the article will be about and encourages the reader to go and read that post.

I’ve tried to give you some easy to follow instructions based on my own experience, but if you need more help you should be able to get it by visiting the Featured Content Gallery Forum or the Studiopress support forum.

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