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by Heather Cowper on May 30, 2011

I recorded this podcast with Matt Preston about How to create a successful website with WordPress when we were at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Manchester. Matt has written an e-book on this topic into which he’s poured his years of experience on developing successful WordPress sites, such as his travel blog at Travelwithamate.com. The book which is available both in paperback or PDF will give you opinions from an expert to help you set up WordPress successfully as a foundation for your online business or blog.

Heather Cowper and Matt Preston at Travel Bloggers Unite 11 Heather Cowper and Matt Preston at Travel Bloggers Unite 11


WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for today and this e-book provides not only an overview of the things you should be considering when building your business around WordPress, but also Matt’s advice on the best approaches and plug ins to use based on his own experience. The content is wide ranging covering everything from what to consider when you’re just starting out, to more advanced techniques such as local testing that will appeal to the more technically minded.

The downside of this book is that complete beginners may be dazzled by the range of information in this book, so I’d recommend it for the intermediate to advanced blogger or to those beginners who are already quite internet savvy and technically minded. This e-book will give loads of valuable and specific advice for those who are serious about building a business around WordPress and I think it’s extremely good value at the current price of $9.

What’s in the book ?

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Matt’s e-book, How to create a successful website with WordPress

  • Things to consider before you start, such as what will make you stand out in your niche, how much time you have to devote to your WordPress site and what help and support you might need.
  • Hosting – suggestions on reliable hosting companies to host your site and how to choose a domain that will attract search engines to your site.
  • Installing WordPress – an overview of how you can install WordPress, although the less technically minded might to use this section in conjunction with more detailed step by step instructions available for WordPress.
  • Website design– a look at the different options for choosing a theme that will leave the right impression, with free or premium themes available. Considering the different styles and colours of themes available and tips on how you can customise your theme further.How to create a successful website with WordPress
  • Plug-ins – this section has a lot of detail on the plug-ins that Matt recommends and has personally tested and the reasons that they will be useful to you. Matt covers plug-ins that will help with problems such as spam, contact forms, linking to related posts at the end of an article, backing up your website, providing stats of your website traffic, installing and managing Feedburner and Youtube. Plugins that will be useful for the established blogger are also covered such as those to make your WordPress website mobile friendly, control your comments, control the way that you place adverts on your site, and create forms.
  • SEO – this section covers the principles of SEO, such as attracting incoming links through building relationships with other quality websites in your niche. There are also more technical actions that you can implement to make your site perform better for search engines, using Google Webmaster and Adwords tools, which will help those with established blogs that they want to take to the next level.
  • Content – the section covers of tips for creating valuable content, such as writing in a structured way, with subheadings, using colourful images, setting permalinks correctly and there are hints about scheduling your content and promoting it through social media.
  • Testing approaches – covering how you can create a test version of your website on your computer to enable you to make changes to the test version, such as adding new plugins and then update your website once you are ready. Matt also covers tools that will help you test changes in different browsers and removing code that may slow down your website’s performance.
  • Social Networking – an overview of key social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Stumble as well as a few that are less established that you might consider.
  • Monetising your website – covering different ways to monetise such as third party contextual advertising such as Google ads, selling banner advertising and affiliate links giving commission on products that you may recommend.
  • Newsletters – what you should put in your newsletters and how frequently you should send them as well as some of the mail services you can use to manage sending your e-mail newsletters.
  • Measuring success – You can use Google analytics to measure your success, understanding the keywords that people searching for, analysing bounce rates and the stats around different traffic sources, using the segments feature of Google Analytics to create reports on sets of data that you want to look at in more detail.

I’d highly recommend the How to create a successful website with WordPress ebook as an excellent overview of WordPress as a tool to help you build a successful business. The book gives plenty of information to help you set up WordPress in the most effective way and is a particularly good resource for bloggers who are already established and want to take their blog to the next level. The range and depth of information could, however, be a little baffling for complete beginners and the less technically minded.

How much does it cost?

At the time of writing, you can buy the book, How to create a successful website with WordPress for your Kindle for $9. Personally I think it offers excellent value for the range and depth of information to boost your business success.

Buy the Ebook for your Kindle from Amazon

If you decide to buy this e-book through any of the links in this article I will receive a commission which will support the blog, although I only recommend products that I have thoroughly reviewed and believe will be useful to my readers.

You can also connect with Matt Preston through his Travel Blog at Travelwithamate.com and on Twitter @TravelWithaMate

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