10 tips for filming a great travel video

by Heather Cowper December 30, 2010
How to film your travel video - in Bristol

This article will give you tips for shooting a great short travel videos based on my experience of working with my film collaborator, Marie-Cecile, shooting our travel video about the harbourside in Bristol. We found that how ever well laid your plans, you have to be adaptable when you get out to shoot your chosen subject. This article was first published at

TV travel documentary or Online travel video – where to start?

by Heather Cowper December 28, 2010
Film-making for girls - or how to make a TV travel documentary

This article will give you advice from the experts on how to break in to making adventure and travel TV films, although you may then decide as I did that it’s much easier to break into online video. The article was originally published at and is based on a meeting I had with a couple of female producers experienced in the field of making adventure film documentaries for TV. But let me backtrack a bit.

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