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How to get your guest post published on another blog

by Heather Cowper October 11, 2012
Guest Posts

I get quite a few guest post requests each week for my travel blog at The majority are generic cut and paste enquiries that I give a quick scan before I press delete, while others are well written proposals that catch my attention. If you want your Guest Post to get serious consideration, read on for my tips;

Is now the time to take sponsored posts on your blog?

by Heather Cowper July 26, 2012
Thumbnail image for Is now the time to take sponsored posts on your blog?

I’ve been taking sponsored posts on my travel blog at Heather on her Travels for 18 months now and a trickle of enquiries has now become a steady stream, if not a river of requests. In the last 6 months since all the Google updates (I get my Penguins mixed up with my Pandas) there’s been a noticeable shift in the requests I receive, away from the banners and links in the sidebar and towards sponsored posts. Many advertisers and […]

How to keep your travel blog alive when you’re not travelling

by Heather Cowper December 18, 2010
When the magic fades - keep your travel blog alive between trips

In this article I’ll share some ideas on how to keep your travel blog fresh and alive even when you’re not travelling. This article was originally published at Heather on her travels here. You’ll remember how it started. The idle flicking through the travel guide in the book shop. The fleeting glance in the travel agent’s window. The checking out of websites when you should have been working on something more serious and important.

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