05 Case study #inCostaBrava campaign – Podcast interview with Jaume Marin

by Heather Cowper September 25, 2012
Heather Cowper and Jaume Marin at TBEX

In Podcast 5  I talk to Jaume Marin in a case study of how the Costa Brava region in Spain has been working successfully with bloggers to promote tourism. Jaume Marin is the Marketing Director of Girona and Costa Brava Tourism Board who hosted the TBEX Travel Bloggers conference that I attended in Girona. Costa Brava have been working closely with bloggers for the last couple of years with some great results, and we discuss what travel bloggers and tourism […]

03 How to start a podcast – interview with Andy White – Podcast

by Heather Cowper June 26, 2011
Thumbnail image for 03 How to start a podcast – interview with Andy White – Podcast

I recorded this interview about How to start a Podcast with Andy White also known as @DoctorPod at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference where Andy was a speaker on the topic of Podcasting. I’m a big fan of the Internet Marketing Podcast that Andy co-hosts so I was really thrilled to meet the man behind the voice and get some tips on how travel bloggers might get in to podcasting. As you’ll hear, it doesn’t have to cost a lot […]

Why you need podcasts for your blog

by Heather Cowper February 24, 2011
Why you need podcasts on your blog

This article will tell you why you should consider adding podcasts to your blog and is based on an article that was originally published at my travel blog at Heatheronhertravels.com. I’ve been adding travel podcasts to my blog at Heather on her travels for a while now, and I thought it was time to share with you why you should consider adding audio to your blog too – it’s not as difficult as you think! I love listening to travel […]

How to find free music for your videos and podcasts

by Heather Cowper January 16, 2011
How to find free music for your videos and podcasts

The article will tell you where  to find music for your audio podcasts and videos that is both correctly licenced for you to use and can be used free of charge. This article originally appeared at Heatheronhertravels.com here. When I  started making short travel videos I wanted to add some music to make them more engaging and entertaining. It took me a while to find a source of suitable music so now I want to share with you where you […]

Tips for preparing a perfectly polished podcast interview

by Heather Cowper September 30, 2010
Tips for preparing a perfectly polished podcast interview

If you’re planning on recording a podcast interview, you may find it useful to hear about my preparation and planning for a recent podcast interview I recorded over Skype. By doing just a moderate amount of advance preparation, you’ll get a great result, sounding professional to both your interviewee and your audience and end up with a polished end result that will give the best BBC interviewers a run for their money. If you try and wing it on the […]

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