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by Heather Cowper on February 24, 2011

This article will tell you why you should consider adding podcasts to your blog and is based on an article that was originally published at my travel blog at Heatheronhertravels.com. I’ve been adding travel podcasts to my blog at Heather on her travels for a while now, and I thought it was time to share with you why you should consider adding audio to your blog too – it’s not as difficult as you think!

Podcast in blogI love listening to travel podcasts myself on my MP3 player, as I walk to work every day or when I’m driving around town. I also love photos and videos, but there are times when you may be doing something where you can’t view things visually (you might need to keep you eyes on the road for example!) but when you could be listening to a podcast. As the average commute to work is 20-40 minutes and most people spend time at the gym, walking the dog or doing household chores, there is plenty of opportunity to fill this ‘dead’ time with something more interesting and entertaining.

People take in information in different ways, and some may prefer to do so through audio than video too, or it may just suit their lifestyle and leisure time to listen to podcasts. Of course podcasts are great for filling time when travelling on planes and long train or bus journeys and ideal to provide inspiration to those who are planning to visit a destination if you can provide a podcast about your visit there.

There are also times when travelling where it’s possible to record audio, but more difficult to record video. There may be times when you want to create some atmosphere through the sounds of a bustling souk, you may be in low light conditions where your video would be poor quality, or you may simply want to be a little more discreet, for instance in a church.

By adding your podcasts to I-tunes and other specialist podcast directories, you’ll also be creating many additional routes for listeners to be directed to your blog, and consequently your traffic should increase over time. By adding audio, as well as great articles, photos and videos to your blog, you will stand out in a crowded blogsphere, as someone who is consistantly delivering great content to your blog readers and subscribers. You may also reach a new audience of subscribers, who particularly enjoy podcasts and podcasting – I know from experience that once you get into podcasts you start to consume them in great quantity and become a loyal listener when you find good ones.

The travel podcasts that I listen to are normally 30-60 minutes in length, but they can be as short as 5 minutes as the ones that you can find at Europe a la Carte show, so it needn’t be time consuming to make them.

I hope that by now you’re convinced that it’s a great idea to incorporate podcast and audio into your travel or other blog, but perhaps you’re now thinking – how do I get started? Don’t worry, not long ago I was feeling technically challenged in this area, but now I’ve got a few podcasts under my belt, I have some articles planned which explain the practical steps you can take to get audio on your blog.

Do let me know if this is something you’d find useful and if there are any particular areas you’d like to get to grips with. In the mean time, here are some Travel podcasts that I enjoy and listen to regularly as well as my own – please let me know if there are some others out there I should be listening to.

Latest podcasts at Heather on her travels

14 Papua New Guinea interview with Beth Whitman – Podcast
13 Zante – my Greek island holiday – podcast
12 Oberammergau Passion Play and Altötting in Bavaria – Podcast
11 South America Backpacking with Indie Travel Podcast – podcast
10 Tiny campsites and eco-travel – interview with Dixe Wills – podcast

Other Travel podcasts I enjoy

The Amateur Traveler
The Indie Travel Podcast
Raising Miro
Betty in the sky with a suitcase
Travel with Rick Steves
This Week in Travel
Tips for Travellers
Europe a la Carte Podcasts

Podcasts about internet marketing and podcasting

Entrepreneur’s journey
Marketing Over Coffee
Site Visibility – Internet Marketing podcast
School of Podcasting
Podcast Answerman
The Podcaster’s studio

Do you have any other great examples of podcasts about travel or about Internet marketing that I should be listening to? If so, do please share your recommendations in the comments.

This article is published at My Blogging Journey, but originally appeared on my Travel Blog at Heather on her travels where you can find travel tales, videos and podcasts from Europe and around the World.

You’ll also find lots of great travel stories, videos and podcasts at my travel blog at Heather on her travels .

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